Back of the Gods!

Been awhile since I posted anything, been semi busy working on a prep diet and figuring out my living situation. With that being said this post is going to focus on my second favorite day in the gym and that is back. I adopted the nickname back of the gods from a good friend of mine and been calling it that ever since.

casketWith Back day I tend to go as heavy as possible for as many reps as possible on everything. I do not really have a set amount of reps or sets, I just go until I feel like I’ve hammered out enough to get these back gains! I start every back with a big compoud lift, either deads or racks. More often Rack pulls on back day as I feel it focuses more on the back and gets a better squeeze.

On back day my diet doesnt change much, I dont go higher on carbs like I do for legs but if you get into this lift and feel a little tired you could alter your carb intake to help get some more energy going into the lift.

without further adieu here is the lifts I did and the rep and set ranges I aim for but like I stated earlier these are often just a guideine and I go higher or lower depending on how I feel.

Rack Pulls ( heavy) : 6×15,12,10,8,5,3,1

Pull – ups (unassisted) : I can only do 5-7 in a row so I just did 10 sets of 5.

T Bar Row (underhand grip)- 5×15

Lat pull down Superset with Lat Push Down –  4×12-15

Seated Cable row (wide grip bar) – 5×12

Seated pull downs ( Triangle ) – 5×12

I followed up this back day with 60 minutes of cardio, walking incline per usual. I wore a hoody and sweats with a drifit under it to cause me to sweat more. You dont have to that but I think it helps and you look like Rocky so that’s a plus?


Thanks for checking it out! Let me know any feedback in the comments!!


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