Everyday Is Chestday!!

Do you do chest everyday? Well stop it. Do not be the person that does chest 4 days a week and neglects the rest of their body. Yes, chest is probably the easiest of all muscle groups to lift and the most popular but that doesn’t change the fact that you need to split your training up equally.

Chest is definitely a fun day as it incorporates the machismo lifts that are always asked about whenever you tell people you are working out but id have to say it slowly became one of my least favorite days. This doesnt mean I don’t give it 100{f9199188ae91e118df639e9810e1ab0fd3dd2882a29f380d40dd86d33535e05a} when I’m in there I just enjoy the other days more.
If you are looking for a good high volume crazy pump routine then here is a typical chest routine for me :

Incline Bench Bar superset with DB incline : 4×12 , If you are working your way to up 1RM then the reps look like 8,6,4,2 or 1.

Flat Bench Flies (DB) : 4×12-15

Cable Flies ( 3 sets high, 3 sets mid, 3 sets low): With the cablimagese flies I pick a weight , lets say 35. Then I do 10 reps at 35 and immediately drop weight down 1 and do 10 again. I repeat this 4 times. Do this for all sets high mid and low. You should end up with 40 reps per set. HIGH VOLUME!!

Peck Deck: 4×12

Seated Machine Flies: 4×10

Hammerstrength Incline/Decline Superset: 3 sets to failure.

Sometimes I end my workouts with pushups off Yoga balls to bring in some core and it helps me gauge how fatigued I am or how hard I pushed it!
Give it a try and let me know what you think below!!

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