Preworkout & You: The Ingredients & What they do.

When I first started lifting I was told that the best supplement you can get is a good pre workout. It took me awhile to realize this but I agree, a good pre workout can boost you up and get you focused and help you get that good lift when you aren’t feeling it. There […]

Whey Vs Casein

One of the biggest questions I used to get at GNC was which to choose, casein or whey and which one was better? T he truth of it is, is both proteins provide benefits. You have to decide which one is better for you based on what they do and what you are looking for. […]

H20: The importance of water Consumption.

Everyone makes sure to get in their daily protein amount and to hit the correct calorie intake but constantly overlook a very important aspect of fitness and that is water consumption. The human body is made up of roughly 60{f9199188ae91e118df639e9810e1ab0fd3dd2882a29f380d40dd86d33535e05a} water and most people do not realize the importance their daily water consumption plays in their […]

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