Guest Post: IIFYM vs Clean Eating by @Mr_Swolo_Dolo

Clean Eating v. IIFYM for Competition

Shoutout to my boy Dunny for letting me contribute to this GainzDaily blog post excited to spread some light on the gainz from my point of view to all of my fellow stingy gainz stealers out there.

Just a little about my fitness background:11856610_1458777441119427_817154107_a

  • Been getting these gainz going on 8 years strong
  • Began to compete in NPC Men’s Physique this past year 2015:
    • Phil Heath Classic 2015 – Houston, TX: 5th Place
    • Texas State Champions – Irving Texas: 2nd Place
  • First National Show NPC USAs – Las Vegas, NV: July 2016 (coming soon)


So I want to talk about IIFYM v. clean eating for competition purposes. I don’t have the most competition experience but think I’ve picked up quite a bit on the two shows I was able to compete in this past year.

I’m sure most people reading this are going to know what IIFYM are but basically it’s the ability to eat what you want as long as you hit your daily protein, fat and carbohydrate amounts for your specific goals. Now I’m not against this method at all I think it’s a good way to live a healthy life while still keeping your sanity. BUT in terms of competition purposes I don’t agree with this method and there are two main reasons why:

  • Sodium
  • Sugar

These are your two most important (in my opinion) factors of how your final physique will look when getting ready to get on stage.

First, sodium. Excessive amounts of sodium during a prep is going to give your physique that watery Aquafina look and when you’re around that 3{f9199188ae91e118df639e9810e1ab0fd3dd2882a29f380d40dd86d33535e05a} BF mark the slightest amount of sodium can take your physique from one extreme to the next. Spilling over can happen very easily and sodium could very well be the culprit. Now me personally I have to keep some sodium in my diet during prep b/c if I don’t I cramp up worse than after two a days in high school. So I can’t do zero but it never gets above 500mg max even at its highest point in the prep.

Secondly, sugar. Specific carbs respond to your body differently. For example my red potato pump gives me a much different look than my jasmine rice pump when I’m cut down. One thing about these carbs though is that they all are low in sugar. My coach (s/o Zilla) closer to the show does not even let us chew gum due to the sugar. Sugar is one of those things that can you leave you looking Terry Cloth on stage and no one wants that, especially once those lights come glistening down you have to look hard *pause*.

In conclusion I don’t think going the IIFYM route considers enough variables in its equation for you to obtain your optimum stage physique. You can get a great physique but if you look at any of the top (Men’s Physique) competitor’s right now; Buendia, Sadik, Poston, they may flexible diet for a photo shoot but when it comes to that competition prep you won’t see any pop tarts in the grocery cart.


Lets give a big big Thank you to Solomon (@Mr_Swolo_Dolo on Instragram definitely check him out and give him a follow) for contributing! Amazing information for anyone looking to start or continue their fitness journey.

If you are interested in becoming a guest contributor reach out to me here on the site or on social media and let me know what you wanna talk about and we’ll see if we cant make it work!

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