Monday Funday! High volume Legs!!


This week my high volume quad punishment landed on Monday, with the 4 day split I run it tends to change week by week but this week we lucked out and started fresh with it!

With my new high volume days I’ve been doing more sets than normal and way higher rep ranges. With the really high rep ranges we do of course lose some weight but with good form and high reps you will feel a different burn that you may like more than your typical heavy load gives you.

Anyway I wanted to give everyone a look at my high volume quad day so you can maybe give it a test run and let me know what you think, Let me know if you see some gainz off it and how you feel most importantly going through it!


Seated Leg extensions:

4 x 50 or failure. ( choose a good weight, not too light. Not so heavy that you will fail at 20)

Leg Press:

1 plate each side x 100

2 plates each side x 80

3 plates each side x 60

6-7 plates by 25 ( Repeat this twice)

Walking Lunges:

2 sets by 10 reps(each leg)

Hack Squat :

4 Sets : Each set is 30 reps split into 10 full reps, 10 medium reps, 10 short reps. This burns your quads from all angles.

Smith Machine Squat Burnout:

1 set x 100 reps. Do this with a light weight, do not let your ego get in the way as this will crush you. At this point your quads will be screaming and you gotta finish this one out strong!

After you have demolished your quads, see if a gym friend will carry you to the treadmill on a stretcher and get you some cardio in. Cardio for me on leg days is a easy incline walk 30 – 45 minutes. I feel like it helps stretch them legs out and relieves some pain.

With all these lifts please adapt them to your strength levels, do not try to do a weight you know you will not complete the full rep range with as this day is all about the high volume and that burn that comes with it!

Let me know what you guys think!

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