Small Hiatus

Hello everyone,


I wanted to touch base and let everyone know why I haven’t been posting as often lately. Currently I am working on moving Gainzdaily to a different hosting method so I can create an online store. This is way out of my wheelhouse so I have had to reach out to a few different people and see if they could get me up and running.

The new site will have ecommerce, more interactive videos, more content and more guest posts from bodybuilders / trainers  and fitness experts. I have also started taking in more online meal and workout clients. Its getting tough to stay on top of everything and my day job. I will do my best once I get everything moved and settled to provide weekly content at the minimum.

Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend, as I said, just wanted to keep everyone informed with whats going on and I hope to have the new site with everything up and running in a month or so.


Thanks for the support !!

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